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Spice things up in your relationship.

Receive a Pleasy Box full of intimate and sexy products tailored to your preferences every 2 months and have more fun.

Plus receive steamy challenges various times a week through our app to help you explore your box and take the heat up in your relationship.

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Pleasy Box

Each Pleasy Box contains four intimate, playful and high quality products personalised to your preferences to enhance your fun as a couple. Each box valued at over €60.

Reignite the passion, have a great time and experience new pleasures together with your partner with each new box, every 2 months.

Dare to Explore

Download our app, personalise your preferences and enjoy various challenges sent several times a week through our app.

With several categories and levels of challenges tailored to help you explore and understand how to best use your box. Pleasy Play is tailored to your experience, so if you're a bit more advanced, we've got you covered.

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Sign up to receive a box every 2 months at only €29.90 = box + app with challenges and content



Login through the app to have a fully personalised experience of your Pleasy Box and in-app challenges



Experiment and enhance your fun with intimate toys sent straight to your door (free UK & EU shipping)



Enjoy your exploration and being more intimate with your partner

Pillow Talk

"Didn't realise how routine our love life was until we tried Pleasy Play"

- John, 41


"Well curated surprises in each box and fun challenges to go with them!”

- David, 33


"Has improved how close me and my partner feel, and not just in the bedroom "

- Emma, 35


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Curated and personalised product box every 2 months

Sensual toys and products to enjoy together

Hundreds of exciting challenges

Discreet shipping & privacy guaranteed

Free UK & EU shipping

Spice Up Your Relationship

Monthly subscription €29.90

(Pleasy Box valued at over €60)

🌈 We’ve got you covered, everyone in a relationship can now have some Pleasy Play!

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